Wing Woman Lebanon

The Three Pillars of WingWoman Lebanon

Access to reusable products

Social - Increase long-term access to high quality, safe essential hygiene items and normalize period discussions

Reduce waste in the environment

Environmental - Reduce waste through switching from disposable to reusable pads

Independent income for women

Provide economic independence for women through livelihood support for reusable product manufacture


Our Approach

  • We offer a safe, ambitious, inclusive culture and deliver the highest quality of products and sessions.
  • We provide flexible working conditions, allowing our people to balance their personal and professional responsibilities.
  • We support the professional development of women, including encouraging them to start their own businesses and become leaders in their communities.
  • Our educational and proactive period awareness sessions highlight the many options available to women.
  • We aim to conduct all operations in the most sustainable way possible, eliminating the use of disposable plastic items.

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