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How the diapers came to be...

How the diapers came to be…

The reusable diaper project was
born following the distribution of disposable diapers by WingWoman Lebanon.

We asked parents what happens when they run out of diapers.

Their responses were shocking, demonstrating how limited their options were. Parents explained that they would typically try to extend the life of the disposable diapers by washing and reusing them. They might also switch to old cloth and plastic bags. 

Clearly disposable diapers were not the solution to the problems being faced by the Lebanese community. It was time for organizations to listen and take action

A chance encounter led us to a talented seamstress who could see the value that a reusable diaper could bring to her community. From her bedroom in Geitawi, she set about developing a product that would meet people’s needs. After numerous iterations and pilot studies we developed a high-quality prototype. 

Our reusable diapers are now distributed all over Lebanon.

Our Products enable your Organisation to:
Improve Health

Provide long-term access to safe and comfortable diapers

Support Livelihoods

Provide employment opportunities to women involved in the production of the reusable diapers

Reduce Waste

Save ~ 6000 disposable diapers from reaching landfill with every pack of our diapers

Save money and time

Decrease time and money spent on procuring and distributing disposable diapers

Prevent Nappy Rash

The fabric of the diaper prevents nappy rash and provides additional absorbency as needed. The inserts and the inside liner of the diaper are 100% cotton - fabric that touches the baby's skin is safe and soft and quickly removes moisture from the baby's body.

Prevent leaks

The outer layer is waterproof and the inserts contain two layers of highly absorbent towelling.


Design allows for extra absorbency if required by providing space for two inserts. Multiple poppers allow for easy size adjustments, making it suitable for the child as they grow.

Add Fun

The diapers come in a variety of bright colors & are gender-neutral.

How to Wash our Reusable Diapers