Wing Woman Lebanon

Our story

Who we are

WingWoman Lebanon is a non-profit social enterprise providing long-term access to essential, reusable hygiene items including diapers for infants and period pads. Our model reduces environmental waste and supports the livelihoods of women through the provision of local employment opportunities – BOOM!

“We have been working with WingWoman Lebanon for over a year. They have been our main provider in reusable pad kits, providing us with more than 2000 high quality products. WingWoman Lebanon are reliable and bring positive energy to our on-ground team.”

Vanessa Zamour, Co-founder

Our Vision

At WingWoman Lebanon we strive for a world in which all women are empowered to create sustainable solutions for themselves and the planet

Our Mission

To Empower Women to Create Sustainable Futures

Our Goal

To increase employment opportunities for women through the production of socially beneficial products.

what we do

Provide long term solutions to ongoing challenges

WingWoman Lebanon empowers women through the production of high-quality & cost effective reusable period pads & diapers. We also run fun and engaging period awareness sessions and an external livelihoods program teaching others how to make our products. All our programs significantly contribute to reducing waste in the environment.

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Reusable pads distributed
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People reached with menstrual health awareness
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Reusable diapers distributed
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People trained to make our reusable products

Volunteer Your Time

We would not be here without the support of our amazing volunteers. Are you passionate about providing opportunities to empowering women? Are you looking to support those without everyday access to essential items? Do you feel strongly about environmental sustainability? If you can offer skills that can benefit our organisation and those we support, please reach out!


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